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September 26, 2013 Settlement Notice

The District Court has allowed Notice of the class action settlement to be sent to all Class Members.  In addition, Notice of the lawsuit and the class action settlement is also being sent to those individuals who have been hired since April 4, 2012 and who have not yet been informed of their rights.  To read a copy of the Notice and related document(s) applicable to you, please click the links below:

- Notice of Settlement to current Class Members (English)  
Claim Form (English)
- Notice of Settlement to current Class Members (Español
Claim Form (Español)

- Notice of Lawsuit and Settlement to Employees hired after April 4, 2012 (English)
                         Claim Form (English)
                         Opt-out Form (English)
- Notice of Lawsuit and Settlement to Employees hired after April 4, 2012 (Español)
                         Claim Form (Español)
                         Opt-out Form (Español)

- Settlement Agreement

If you have questions regarding the Notice and/or the Settlement, including the amounts estimated to be payable to you if the Settlement is finally approved, please contact the Claims Administrator:

                Gilardi & Co., LLP
                P.O. Box 1110
                Corte Madera, CA 94976-1110
                Phone: 1-866-533-0613
If you have questions for Class Counsel, please contact  Monica Detert at or 1-877-373-5501, or write to Larson King, LLP, 30 East Seventh Street, Suite 2800, St. Paul, MN 55101.


May 17, 2013 Update

The District Court has issued a ruling on compensability. To read the order, click here.


If you are or were an hourly production employee at Farmland Foods, Inc., you may be part of a class action case seeking unpaid wages.

Case Summary

Some hourly employees at the Milan, Missouri plant have sued Farmland. These employees contend that Farmland has failed to pay wages to its kill, cut, maintenance and shipping employees for all the time the employees spend putting on and taking off gear and equipment, sanitizing, walking to and from the production floor, and other off-the-clock work activities. These employees assert that the failure to pay these wages violates the Missouri Minimum Wage Law. These employees contend they are owed additional compensation beyond what has been paid to date. They are seeking unpaid wages and doubled damages as allowed by Missouri law for themselves and for other current and former kill, cut, maintenance and shipping employees at Farmland’s Milan, Missouri plant. Farmland disputes these allegations and asserts that it properly paid its employees consistently with all applicable laws.

The Court has allowed this case to proceed as a Class Action for wages under Missouri law for current and former hourly kill, cut, maintenance and shipping employees who work or have worked at Farmland’s Milan, Missouri plant at any time since April 29, 2008.

The Court has not made a decision regarding the ultimate merits of either party’s position.

How do I participate in this case and what happens if I do?

You should receive a Court-approved notice by mail. The notice provides detailed instructions on how to participate or exclude yourself from this case. If you have not received the Court-approved notice, please contact Class Counsel, who is responsible for providing you with the Court-approved notice, at 1-877-373-5501.

What if I am not a United States citizen?

Your immigration status will not be the subject of this lawsuit, nor will it affect your right to recovery. You are entitled to seek a recovery regardless of your immigration status. You have a right to be a part of this case even if you are an undocumented worker.

Retaliation is prohibited

Missouri law absolutely prohibits Farmland from retaliating against you.

If you believe you have been penalized, discriminated against or disciplined, punished, threatened, or intimidated in any way as a result of your receipt of this notice, you should immediately contact the attorneys representing the employees at 1-877-373-5501.


Call 1-877-373-5501 toll-free (ask for Monica Reimnitz). All calls will be kept confidential.

View a PDF of the mailed Class Notice

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